D.K. Johnston

I’m D.K. Johnston and I am writing to submit my application as a board member of the Colorado Film and Video Association. I am a full time Producer & Assistant Director with over 12 years of production experience, which includes features, national & international commercials, new media, reality programming and short films. For the last nine years I’ve served in the production department as either a 1st/2nd AD or production manager, and recently expanded into Producing feature films under my company Tri-Seven Pictures.

I began my love for storytelling at the age of 9 when I received my first camcorder, and later developed my writing and technical skills in high school. I began working in production management after receiving my Journalism degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and soon after furthered that education by obtaining my MFA in Film Production from the New York Film Academy (Burbank, CA branch).

After graduation I worked in Los Angeles for several years before relocating back to my home in Anchorage, Alaska to assists in the growth of their production crew base and education services spawning from the creation of their new film incentives. During my seven years back in Alaska I served on the board of the Alaska Film Group, a non-profit trade organization, which served a similar purpose to CFVA throughout the state. I joined the advisory board for film & television production for the Anchorage School District and the University of Alaska Anchorage where I later became an adjunct professor. I also founded the Alaska Filmmakers Network, which recently achieved non-profit status. Between professional productions I helped create and maintain numerous film community events included workshops, community screenings and a web series highlighting various seasoned and up and coming filmmakers.

Following the end of Alaska Film Incentive program in 2015 I relocated to Denver full time to continue working in the industry. Since coming into the Colorado film community I have been fortunate enough to meet an amazing group talented filmmakers, and have become a regular on set with many of the members within CFVA. My goal in joining the board would be to assist in furthering educational opportunities for CFVA members and the local film community. My connections with other various film oriented groups here in Denver and around the state I believe could help our association grow in both talent and resources here in Colorado. Thank for your time and consideration, and I hope you will consider me for a position on the CFVA board in 2017.


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