Johnny “JJ” Johnson

Johnny Johnson, also known as “JJ,” was born in northern California and grew up mostly in Colorado. Working at the world-renowned Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre for more than fifteen years, he switched gears and joined the film & television world with his spare

time during the off-seasons.

Attending FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY, JJ received several awards and was the first student to successfully broadcast native stereoscopic 3D during a live Hi-Def production. Actively taking part in several productions, both on and off campus, he worked up to being Director of a 16mm film and later was Director of Photography for a 35mm film when another opportunity for native 3D stereography arose within the University.

Always pushing the limits, stereography became his new playground. Using two SONY EX3 cameras, JJ headed the team that produced the first “gradfest” for FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY to be presented in 3D. Upon graduating with honors, he met with SONY representatives and became a prototype camera operator on the NEX-FS100 and HXR-NX3D1U.

Interested in helping create a strong, professional film community in Denver, CO, JJ returned to creating commercials for DAVE & BUSTERS, FILM ON THE ROCKS, and more, he pushed WhoKnowZ into making the production company motto; business comes first so pleasure can last.

Maintaining his stance for, “hiding in the shadows,” JJ continually makes great effort to produce quality projects while allowing for client recognition. Always pushing technology to the next levels, he strives for aiming beyond resolution to what’s next.


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