Katherine Roberts

Communications Committee Chair

Katherine Roberts is an Emmy-nominated born storyteller. From 9-5, she works as the Director of Video Production at Carbon8 in Denver, CO.

Of all her tasks, Katherine loves writing scripts the most, and also really enjoys producing on shoot days. Working with a team and seeing a nugget of an idea come to life on screen is a treat as well as a job. And don’t tell her clients, but she thinks storyboards are a giant pain.

Prior to joining Carbon8, Katherine worked for FOX Broadcasting Company in Los Angeles, and was an instrumental part of the marketing team, launching shows like “New Girl”, Gordon Ramsay’s “MasterChef”, and what would become a worldwide phenomenon, “Glee”.

She started her career living all over the country producing in television news. She’s moved from Pittsburgh to Boston to San Francisco and several cities in between.

Originally from St. Louis, Katherine graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the world-renowned School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is an avid consumer of film and television and can’t watch enough of everything from classic Hollywood films to “The Real Housewives”… but she probably shouldn’t admit that.

Most importantly, she has two loves: cooking and raising a tiny dog with a big personality.


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